Meditation for Happiness in the Circle of 8

Many are looking for happiness in life. Contentment is the stepping stone to happiness and continues trust and courage is the path. 


Meditation to get rid of your “couldn’t”

We can become stuck in “I can’t, I couldn’t,” because we are afraid. This thinking gets us away from our path (dharma), our destiny. Away from our own greatness. Practice this meditation to face our fears and stop our “couldn’ts.”



Meditation to Quiet the Drums of War

There are different kinds of conflict inside and around us. This meditation helps quiet the energy of anger, fear, pride and judgment. Practice this meditation to quiet these elements and emotions, inside us and around us. Can also be used for protection with crisis in your home or community.


Meditation to Enrich the Mind

This meditation brings balance by enriching the pranic energy to create a force within.  

Meditation To Awaken the Dormant Power Within

This meditation helps to release dormant power within you using your breath and movement. This allows you to become ten times greater and to face life with grace. 



Meditation To Open Up the Newness in You

Cut through the duality which keeps you stuck. This meditation cuts away negative self talk so you can be your great self.