Kundalini Savasana (Digital Download)

Kundalini Savasana (Digital Download)



Relax and Let Go of Fears (Mantra)
Inner Peace (Instrumental)
True Identity (Mantra)
Embrace (Instrumental)
Peace (Mantra)
Oneness (Instrumental)
Fearless (Mantra)
Surrender (Instrumental)
Let Go (Mantra)
Stillness (Instrumental)
Call Within (Mantra)
Truth is the Doer (Mantra)

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Kundalini Savasana is a compilation of 12 tracks of relaxing Kundalini mantra music and instrumental music. Deep relaxation is an important state for everyone to experience. By unlocking the potential for inner calmness, we let go of our sense of control and allow ourselves to surrender to the processes of life. This builds trust, which creates peace and harmony within the self.

This CD has 6 Kundalini mantra music which allows you a deeper relaxation for the brain as the body lets go. Relaxation is not only for the body but for the mind. Listen to any of these tracks to support the process of relaxing, letting go and being present. Can also be used while sitting in silence with long deep breathing.