University Course Creation and Instruction

University students in a lecture hall
Picture of Madhur-Nain leaning on a chair with a stack of books

I still remember my graduate experience at the University of Oregon from 1999-2001. In particular, I loved the small class structure. There were 20 of us students, learning about psychotherapy and being a marriage and family therapist concurrently. We traversed those two years together until we walked and received our diplomas.

Since then, I have been a lifelong learner. As a psychotherapist, I am required to take a number of continuing education units (CEUs) each year. It’s not a burden to me, however, as I love learning and expanding my knowledge. It helps me grow, not only as a person but specifically as a therapist as well.

I have considered going for my PhD next, and that very well may happen one day. For now, I am all about supporting my two sons’ education — and creating workshops for like-minded individuals. My focus is bringing my expertise and experience to university-level education, supporting the next generation of mental health practitioners.

Below, you can find a variety of courses that I offer. If you are interested in any, please reach out to me for a free one-hour consultation to see if my approach is a good fit for your department.


Anxiety and Meditation Instruction for Mental Health

Mindfulness and Psychology

Mental Health and Spirituality

Relationship Communication

Relational Tools for Couples

Spirituality and Trauma

Inner Child Workshop

Each Workshop Includes

  • Outline
  • Objectives
  • Research and studies on subject
  • Tools
  • Handout or mini workbook

Upcoming Workshops

  • Psychotherapy courses (National Dong Hwa University, Hualien, Taiwan)
  • Meditation as a Tool for Stress and Anxiety: 2-day workshop with CEUs
  • Introduction to Marriage Counseling: 1-day workshop with CEUs