Soul-Self Journal

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Soul-Self Journal (E-Book)

Soul-Self Journal (E-Book)

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Soul-Self and the Emotional Facets of Your Personality

Understanding your Unique Characteristics to Experience More Happiness and Success

 This is a four-week workshop series to help you discover and integrate the unique qualities within your Soul-Self. We are all born with these inherent gifts, but many of us need to learn how to reconnect with them. Utilizing psychology, meditation, and art, you will be able to unite these various qualities and fully comprehend how they affect your personality.

 Have you ever felt stuck in your patterns of thinking? Have you ever felt as though your relationship with someone — romantic or platonic — has gone stagnant? Have you ever felt discontent with your reaction towards others? If so, then this workshop series is for you. Upon completion, you should experience more ease and success in your relationships, career, and life in general.

I created this supplementary journal to support you on your journey as you connect to your Soul-Self. Each stage in this journal touches on a time in your life where you were exposed to drama and/or trauma and encourages you to sit with the memory. See it, hold it, experience it. Write about it. There is no magic wand available to instantly heal yourself from emotional pain, but I hope to give you the tools necessary to help you as you process past events.

As you do the work to better yourself, do not forget the main objective: to learn about your unique qualities. You must learn to see them. You must learn to sit with them. You must learn to love them so that you can begin to heal them. These different parts of you all play a big role in the facets of your personality. When you understand them, you can more readily self-reflect and foster contentment in your life.

 It can be difficult to stay motivated as you attempt to make positive changes and struggle to get these changes to stick. You may lose patience and yell at your kids, snap at your partner, or become overly emotional with your friends. You may feel frustrated that your efforts are not being recognized by others. This is a common feeling; it is why so many people don’t bother making New Year’s resolutions anymore. Even if you slip up, give yourself grace to learn and grow on this healing journey.

 If you find this process overwhelming at any point, please reach out to a mental health worker for extra support. There is courage in recognizing when you need help and being unafraid to ask for it.