21 Stages of Meditation Journal

A Deep Journaling Process to Accompany the
21 Stages of Meditation Course

21 Stages of Meditation front cover

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The 21 Stages of Meditation course intends to help you self-regulate through the act of meditation. By awakening your meditative capacity, you will be able to fortify a stronger relationship with yourself and have a better sense of inner awareness as a result. You will become a more mindful and creative individual.

This journal was created by myself many years ago to use alongside the 21 Stages of Meditation course. I wanted to provide students with a supplemental tool that could be used to delve deeper into the process. When you fully understand each of the 21 stages of meditation, you can recognize how each step connects and relates to your own unique self.

Within this journal, you will find prompts that encourage you to ponder and express yourself through writing. You must be open to receiving your inner voice’s messages as you process all levels of yourself: the physical identity as well as the emotional, spiritual, relational, and more. It is meant to serve as an extra tool for healing. If you need additional support throughout this meditative process, please reach out to a mental health worker for further guidance.

It is through meditation that we can build and strengthen our relationship with ourselves. However, this kind of change does not happen overnight — or even in 21 days. Meditation is a powerful act, but it isn’t magic. You must commit to yourself to do the work. This journal will help guide you as you embark on this journey into self-discovery.

“Meditation builds the relationship between the ego and the unknown by providing experience beyond the five senses. This gives us the personal experience of being connected to the soul, which drives us toward a keenly aware consciousness to the unknown. This experience is what gives us profound wisdom and stability.” (Excerpt from my book, The Stressless Brain, 2nd Edition, 2023.)