Creative Flow

An illustration of a tree shaped like a brain

How do you get into your creative flow? This is an important mental space to be in, whether personally or professionally, because creativity is the basis for growth, healing, and transformation. Creativity allows you to be fearless in letting go and forging new paths. Do you feel stuck within your career, or in your present project? Do you feel stuck in a relationship? I would like to share with you a new viewpoint to the creative flow, which will help you to become more mindful…

Excerpt from The Stressless Brain:

Meditation can help shift you from the “little me” to the “bigger me,” easing you away from a finite (small and limited) to infinite (open and connected) view of your reality. Anxiety and depression often decrease when this process happens due to the security of being supported by a greater force. Many are comforted by this force, viewing it as a pool of energy one can tap into, as needed.

Human beings are curious creatures who want to understand the infinite view. We are programmed to constantly seek answers. Like a three-year-old always asking, “But why?” or an ancient civilization of voyagers, we desire to know the unknown. It is why we are so drawn to the internet: there is endless information at our fingertips. Simply reading something, however, does not give us wisdom; it just gives us facts, without experience. We end up knowing information, sure, but it comes without authentic depth.

Human beings need knowledge plus experience to achieve true wisdom.

Meditation builds the relationship between the ego and the unknown by providing experience beyond the five senses. This gives us the personal experience of being connected to the soul, which drives us toward a keenly aware consciousness to the unknown. This experience is what gives us profound wisdom and stability.

By creating consciousness in your thought process, you can feel in balance with your life. You can make clear and healthy decisions to avoid bad habits or indulge in salacious gossip. Once we start connecting to our own identity, we start feeling very empowered with our choices in life. Meditating regularly is key to cultivating your mind and connecting to your Soul Self, allowing you to forge that identity and guide you toward shuniya: internal happiness, calmness, and peace.

The mind functions best with contrasts. For example, we think in terms of good/bad, happy/sad, positive/negative, et cetera. Polarities help us make sense of life by allowing us to evaluate the dimensions. Training your mind to read those contrasts gives you access to the facts of any situation, allowing you to make mature decisions with more confidence.

Unsurprisingly, not all of your thoughts support you, your life, or your goals. Have you ever tried to change a certain habit but found that your thoughts kept getting in the way?

Your mind is full of unconscious identifications (who you think you are), emotions (feelings), projections (expectations), intentions (wants), and attachments (connections, real or imagined). These thoughts are perceived as larger than they are; their meaning or importance becomes inflated based on bias. When you believe your self-made biases, a new reality is formed. Because your belief is based on false judgments from your unconscious, this can cause a lot of trauma and pain. Understanding the soul means you must understand and relate to the mind and all of its thoughts.

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