Trainings & Curriculum

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Self Help



Relationship (Couples and families)

Yoga and meditation teacher training’s

I have taught workshops along with yoga and meditation teacher training classes since 1998. These courses have been offered internationally (in Europe, Canada, China, the Philippines, Taiwan, and Hong Kong in addition to the USA), in-person and online, in a variety of disciplines (self-help, mindfulness, communication skills, relationships, and more). I love being able to work with people and give them the tools to be more self-aware; in doing so, they forge a stronger relationship with themselves which will then result in better relationships with others.

When I develop these workshops and trainings, I always include a workbook component that includes tools and a breakdown of each requested topic. The actual teaching/training aspect includes instruction via lecture (breaking down the concept), examples (scientific research, psychological support, life experiences), and the students’ personal process.

Reach out for a free 30-minute consultation in which we can discuss a personalized workshop for your team that fits your focus, issue, and/or developmental needs.