One Minute Breath Collection

One Minute Breath Collection

Four meditations to help you build up to and practice the popular One Mintue Breath meditation

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About this release

The One Minute breath is a very popular meditation in the yoga world and it's a very difficult meditation. It is basically doing one breath in one minute. This might be easier if you're a opera singer or a deep diver, but it's actually quite complicated - in our body and our focus. We can sometimes get through one breath, but to do multiple in a row, ongoing, is very difficult. So I created three other meditations to help us to prepare to be able to do the one minute breath. For some of us, we might stop at the other meditations because our lung capacity or our bodies are just different, we're all are different in our own way.

Track List

  1. 24 Second Breath Meditation
  2. 30 Second Breath Meditation
  3. 45 Second Breath Meditation
  4. One Minute Breath Meditation

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One Minute Breath Collection

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