30 Second Breath Meditation

30 Second Breath Meditation

Connection between you and your higher power, soul, God, Sun, moon which ever you believe in. Supports us to feel stable and creative outlook. The second step in building to the One Minute Breath meditation.

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Learn to practice


The hands resting in your lap or knees


Eyes are closed and focused on your breathing and body


The hands resting in your lap or knees


Ad Such, Jugad Such, Habe Such, Nanak-a hose be such. This mantra was written by Baba Siri Chand the meaning of this mantra is to help us break through energetic blocks and opens the space for things to happen.


30 second breathing meditation: 10 seconds inhale, 10 seconds holding breath, 10 seconds exhale. Repeat.

One repetition of the manta: Ad Such, Jugad Such, Habe Such, Nanak-a Hose Be Such is equivilent to 10 seconds.

There are three musical repetitions of the same chant. 1st is inhale (10 secs), 2nd is holding your breath (10 secs) and 3rd is exhaling (10 secs). Going straight into your next inhale. Continue for 7 min.


Inhale and exhale deeply…sit quietly and be with yourself as you return to your natural breathing. 


3 or 7 min. daily practice to build up to the one minute breath.

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