Meditation Collection Vol. 1 (CD)

Meditation Collection Vol. 1 (CD)



Beginner’s Meditation
8 | 8 Segmented Breathing
7 Wave Meditation
Kiran Kriya
Healing Meditation

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Meditation Collection: Volume 1 is six-track meditation album that helps you achieve inner change. With each track lasting only eleven minutes long each, you will be able to discover a preferred meditation that you can easily incorporate into your daily life.

Track List

1. Beginner’s Meditation: A simple method to create inner-peace through a connection to your breath. Best for those who don’t know where else to start.

2. 8/8 Segmented Breathing: For calming and centering the Self by achieving balance in your life. Best for those with stress that impacts your life, especially if it’s hard to concentrate and be productive.

3. 7 Wave Meditation: Unifies the Self by creating internal balance. It focuses on the chakra by traveling through them (from the base, up the spine, and out the top of your head) and creating a relationship with the whole body.

4. Kirtan Kriya: Heals depression by increasing gray matter and breaking negative patterns in the mind. Best for those with anxiety, including PTSD and OCD. Research has proven this aids in depression and prevents memory loss.

5. Healing Meditation: Creates inner healing and awareness to shift your mental health and emotions. It taps into the energy of the cosmos and can be used as a prayer to help someone else suffering.

6. Gunpati: Helps clear the blocks from the past, evoking knowledge and happiness. It cuts you from pain caused by a traumatic experiencing, allowing you to break from overemotional thinking and patterns born from worry.