Meditation Collection Vol. 2 (CD)

Meditation Collection Vol. 2 (CD)



Meditation for Balance
Inner Awareness Meditation (Sarab Gyan Kriya)
Anxiety Calming - Shiva Kaur’s Meditation
Me within Me Meditation
Attitude of Gratitude Meditation

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Meditation Collection: Volume 2 is six-track album containing some of Madhur-Nain Webster’s favorite chanting meditations. The use of chanting meditations helps you to support your mind as it processes various thoughts and emotions that might emerge as a result of deep introspection. Life is better understood through the sounds and rhythms offered through mantra.

Five of the meditations included on the album are eleven minutes long, so they are easy to add into any busy life. If you feel stuck in a rut and/or need the insight to make a good, balanced decision, practice Prosperity Meditation. If you are questioning your self-worth, try Me Within Me Meditation; it can help you connect with your inner awareness, allowing goodness to manifest within and around you. Attitude of Gratitude — a seventeen-minute meditation — can be used by anyone looking to live a more graceful life. Journal your experience (writing down three things you are grateful for each day) to track your journey and your blessings.

Track Names

1. Meditation for Balance: Instills balance within the self and throughout your life, creating a deep sense of inner peace.

2. Inner Awareness Meditation (Sarab Gyan Kriya): Connects you to your inner awareness by cutting into the duality of your life. It acts as a break on an overactive mind filled with frenzied thoughts, bringing clarity and focus back into your life.

3. Anxiety Calming (Shiva Kaur’s Meditation): Creates an inner stability that helps you to remain calm and steady in life. Having this stability allows you to release anxiety.

4. Me Within Me Meditation: Builds your self-worth through chanting. This meditation helps you to connect with your inner awareness.

5. Prosperity Meditation: Clears inner blocks which can keep you from finding and achieving success. Practice when you feel stuck in your life, or when you need to make an important decision.

6. Attitude of Gratitude Meditation: Learn the art and experience of gratitude through meditation. Living your life with gratitude is different than being thankful all the time; it is living from grace and acceptance.