Master the Three Minds

Master the Three Minds

Our mind reviews our life through three lens: The negative mind, the positive mind and the neutral mind.

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About this release

This is the process that we must all go through and can not avoid. This influences our moods, our assessment of our lives, situations and more. When our three minds are balanced, we are less reactive, more mindful and more creative as we can see things from many perspectives. The negative mind is all about protection and assessment, it is the first lens and is important. The positive mind is our perception of the situation, person or opportunity. It allows us to move forward when fully functioning, or make us loose sight and depth. The last lens is the neutral mind, which is our final view on each type of awareness. The trick is having the three minds working and functioning in a way which serves our lives and not hinder our lives.

Suggestion for use: Start with practicing the meditation for the negative mind daily for 30 days. Then move to the practicing the meditation for the positive mind for 30 days. Finish with 30 days of the meditation for the neutral mind for a total of 90 days to create a deeper shift of awareness and mindfulness. Remember to journal daily and be an observer of your experience, don’t get caught up in the emotional journey.

(practice 3 or 11 min daily)

Track List

  1. Meditation for the Positive Mind
  2. Meditation for the Negative Mind
  3. Meditation for the Neutral Mind

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Master the Three Minds

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