Meditations for the Vagus Nerve

Meditations for the Vagus Nerve

Eight segmented breathing meditations to stimulate the vagus nerve. Originally taught silently, I’ve created this meditation to improve your focus and guide your breathing pattern while practicing these meditations.

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About this release

Track List

  1. Inner Peace: 1/1 Segmented Breathing
  2. Healing Energy: 4/1 Segmented Breathing
  3. Develop Clarity: 4/4 Segmented Breathing
  4. Unblocking Your Thoughts: 4/8 Segmented Breathing
  5. Release Anxiety: 8/1 Segmented Breathing
  6. Get Focused: 8/4 Segmented Breathing
  7. Get Centered: 8/8 Segmented Breathing
  8. Four Stroke Breath to Build Intuition

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Meditations for the Vagus Nerve

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