Kundalini Affirmation Meditations

Kundalini Affirmation Meditations

To help you alter any negative self-talk or habits you have in life.

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About this release

Yogically, an affirmation is when we recite a mantra repeatedly for at least eleven minutes. By repeating these words again and again, we create a pattern in our brain which affects our emotional state. You naturally learn to train your mind into associating meditation — including mantra chanting — with good, positive feelings. In particular, the six chanting meditations on Kundalini Affirmation Meditations will help you alter any negative self-talk or habits you have in life.

The use of mantras helps you to support your mind as you process thoughts and emotions that emerge as a result of deep introspection, often caused by meditation. Your choice of mantra will determine which changes you will feel within your body, mind, and soul. Affirmations are great for anyone because of their healing power, yoga beginners and experts alike. Choose which meditation speaks to you and try practicing it regularly for thirty days.

Track List

  1. I Am, All Is
  2. I Am, I Am
  3. Me Within Me
  4. Healthy, Happy, Holy
  5. I Am the Light of My Soul
  6. God and Me

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Kundalini Affirmation Meditations

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