Why You Should Practice Meditation Every Day

August 28, 2017

Imagine if you lived your life without basic hygienic matters like washing your hands, brushing your teeth, or changing your underwear. Within a day, you would start to feel dirty: sticky, stinky, and soiled. (Forgive me for being blunt, but it’s part of the territory when you have two sons!) Filth can and does coat our bodies if we do not take the time to cleanse ourselves.

In society, this basic form of hygiene for our physical bodies is rightly expected and even mandated. So, why isn’t the same precaution applied to our mind?

I think it is just as important to “wash” our brains as it is to wash our bodies. Having a purified brain — that is, one that has been spot-cleaned to remove distractions — provides a sense of serenity in life. For example, we feel less stressed about making tough decisions because we are able to function with stable, clear-headed, rational thoughts.

When your mind is free from haunting thoughts, it is easier to respond to situations rather than reacting in unhealthy, compulsive ways. Just like the feeling you have when you step out of the shower, you also feel refreshed with proper maintenance of your brain. Keeping it clean helps keep you more alert in life.

Meditation is key to clearing your mind; that is why it should be practiced every day.
I often hear the same story from clients and yoga students: they are more likely to meditate to remove themselves out of a funk, but they often stop when they feel better. This is because many of us turn to habits — both positive and negative — when we are suffering or dealing with issues. In this case, the problem is that meditation is being used a coping mechanism rather than as a tool to create deep, lasting change. This outlook needs to change.

Meditation should not be treated as an “as needed” form of self-healing; it should be viewed as a ritual as common as brushing your teeth. By altering this expectation, meditation becomes more than a temporary band-aid. Instead, it can be a powerful practice.

Daily meditation can cause an internal shift that benefits the way you think and behave. It directly influences your brain — and that includes clearing your mind, focusing your attention, and keeping you bright and awake. It creates an optimal you: a person capable of fearlessly facing all facets of life.

You have to keep your brain clean, so treat the act no differently than the act of washing your hands. Daily meditation will help scrub your mind, keeping it squeaky clean and functioning at its highest capacity. If you’re looking for a place to start, I suggest any of the following medications:

I Am All Is Meditation for Your Thoughts
Gunpati Meditation
Anxiety Releasing Meditation
4/4 Segmented Breathing Meditation
Me Within Me Meditation
Sat Kartaar Meditation (Heart Opener)
Positive Mind Meditation
Meditation to Remove Conflict
Master’s Touch
Healing Meditation

These are my top ten favorite meditations, in no particular order. Pick one and see if it works for you. Practice daily for optimal results, and try it for 40 days straight to start. As a tip: you can even incorporate meditation into daily hygienic practices, like showering!