Anxiety, Therapy & Meditation

February 26, 2017

There are over 40 million people (between the ages of 18-54) in the United States alone suffering from Anxiety. I personally think it’s double that because most people are not seeking help until it becomes worse and then it becomes a different issue… a health issue with health problems. Anxiety is when one loses their own vitality, juice for life, and fear takes over.

If you suffer from anxiety including anxiety from a past trauma or painful event, find a therapist you can work with while practicing meditation to support the healing process.

You will need to determine the level of your trauma and pain.

Meditation is what I suggest all with anxiety should practice. Here are some different meditations depending on your anxiety:

Anxiety from your life - too many ups and downs:

Anxiety Releasing Meditation

Anxiety due to fear of what will happen:

Master’s Touch
Negative Mind Meditation

Anxiety with depression:

Gunpati Meditation

Anxiety that you are not enough:

Me within Me Meditation

Pick one of these meditations and practice it every day for 40 days. It is normal if around 3+ weeks you are having a harder time or weird dreams. You are cleaning out your subconscious mind. Reclaim your Vitality!