A Good Relationship

February 1, 2017

The trick to a good relationship lies within… communication and action. I think loving someone is easy because most of us can see the good in others. The relationship is a combination of our behavior towards ourself, the other person and the relationship. There is the me, the you and the we.

This is where communication and action play a big role.  We as human beings get what we want by telling others what that is.  One big issue is once we are in relationship with someone we think they should know what we want and when we want it.  Wrong! We need to understand our self so that we know what we want and then we need to communicate it to our partner.  The next part is to listen and move into action.  

Just listening and saying ya ya, ok.  And then doing nothing will create disharmony and pain. When our partner has gone out of their way to tell us how they are feeling and what they want. We then move into action which feeds the relationship. It is what creates connection.  The other person feels heard and loved.  You feel valued.  An important part here is both in the relationship need to communicate and the importance to move into action.  It becomes lopsided when only one is doing the work.  I hear this often in my office.  

Ok first step is knowing what you need and want in the relationship.  This can only happen when you know who you are.  Meditation is a free and easy tool to learning to be in relationship with yourself  If meditation is new for you I suggest trying the Kundalini Beginners Meditation and if you feel ready to jump in with both feet I suggest trying Me within Me meditation for self-worth or Heart Opener for open heart and clear boundaries. Enjoy. Remember to fully experience the shift you must practice daily for at least 40 days.