Do you take responsibility for yourself?

April 30, 2017

We often want others to take care of us and then are mad when they don’t, and sometimes mad when they do. This is when we need to learn to Self-governance ourselves.

We are responsible to meet our own needs. We are responsible to find joy and happiness and then share it with everyone around us. Joy, happiness, success, health are all something we are trying to find or achieve in our lives. Happiness/contentment is not something made but something we experience.

This is why meditation is so important. Meditation allows you to build this internal relationship with yourself. Meditation is this tool which helps you deal with your shit. Meditation is an antidote to dealing with stress and pain in life. Because if we can deal with it in ourselves in meditation then we can deal with in in our lives. Trick is you have to commit to yourself to practice daily. Try this month’s meditation - Meditation for the neutral mind - for 7 minutes every day.