Dealing with Pain in the Present Moment

April 9, 2017

“How do you stay in the present moment when the present moment is sickening, sad, painful, or any horrible thing?” 

First off, I am so sorry to hear that you are suffering.  Any kind of pain over time is emotionally hard to handle because it grates on our nervous system and everyday life.  

Now here is the part that can be hard to hear… are going to have to do work to get yourself out of this painful situation. Some of you may need extra support from a licensed therapist at the beginning.  The work that I am going to ask you to do is bring daily meditation into your life and journaling.  For some of you, you may have to meditate in the morning and at night because the pain that you are feeling is so intense or consistent.  Your nervous system is just going to need the extra support.

Yes it is true that we as human beings have to learn how to sit with certain situations to be able to move past them and then we have to know when to make changes.  This does not mean that you sit there and suffer for weeks, months, years.  It means that you learn tools which you use when you are suffering and you learn tools to practice daily so that the suffering is less. 

Studies show that meditation and chanting meditation creates an neurological change in your brain.  Chanting is a key tool in healing.  

Start with a meditation (pick one from my meditation page or start with Beginners Meditation) and start meditating every day in the morning.  The morning supports you to connect to the frequency for the day.  Whichever mantra is used in the meditation you picked chant it throughout the day when you are suffering.  You want the mantra to be a part of you.  The meditation and chanting will support you emotionally and neurologically.  Now practice it every day for 90 days.  While you are practicing keep a journal and reflect on the day.  This does not need to belong or should belong. A paragraph or words which describe what was different.  Not what is the same.  Learn to look for what is changing in you and around you. 

Some meditation suggestions (generally speaking, one size does not fit all) 

Depression with illness:
Healing Meditation

Depression with anxiety:
Gunpati Meditation

Depression and low self-esteem:
Me within Me

Anxiety with fear:
Master’s Touch
or Seven Wave

Anxiety with anger:
Meditation to remove
inner conflict

Anxiety and stress:
Meditation for Stress