Why the vagus nerve is so important!

June 15, 2016

Here are 9 reasons to meditate to strengthen and heal your vagus nerve. The trick is you have to do it daily for at least 40-90 days to notice a significant difference.

1. Strengthening the vagus nerve keeps inflammation down in the body which stops health issues from getting worse or starting at all.

2. Want to stay strong and healthy in your mind.  Stimulating the vagus nerve helps you make more memories in your brain (they are saying may prevent Alzheimer’s disease.

3. Strong vagus nerve helps you breath better.  Do you have anxiety? Or Stress? Your breath may be affected.  Keep it strong with Kundalini meditations.

4. The vagus nerve is closely connected to your heart rate.  Lets keep that heart ticking longer and stronger with Segmented Breathing Meditations and Breath of Fire.

5. You feeling a lot of Fight and Flight in your life from anxiety and stress? When our vagus nerve is strong it helps you relax from that state.  Yep trick is you have to practice.

6. Have you heard about this link between our gut health and brain (emotional) health? Yep, it is the vagus nerve which is the go between.  If you are healing your gut you want your brain to know you are feeling better so you don’t feel so depressed.

7. We don’t want to over stimulate the vagus nerve but sadly with so many in our society experiencing anxiety and panic attacks this is happening.  Meditation stimulates the vagus nerve in a way which strengthens it and calms us at the same time.

8. New studies are using an external device to stimulate the vagus nerve to lower inflammation.  Start now, start young with strengthening the vagus nerve with meditation using rhythm and sound.  We all have the power to heal from the inside out as long as we work at it. Mediation is free, medical devices can be expensive.

9. Stimulating the vagus nerve the medical research says it can help epilepsy.  They are developing medical devices.

I hope you enjoyed these 9 reasons to start stimulating your vagus nerve and to do it with meditation.  Not only will meditation support your vagus nerve but your whole body, mind and spirit.  Trick is you have to do it daily. Visit my page Meditations to find one to start today, 3 minutes is always free. –Madhur-Nain ♥ 

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