Why has anxiety/stress become so normal in our country?

January 14, 2016

Anxiety and stress appear to be acceptable ways of feeling these days.

Often when I ask someone I know how they are, they say they are so stressed. Stress turns into anxiety if we don’t release it. Stress and anxiety hurt our organs and glands. When our organs and glands are stressed they can not function as well, we feel more tired and are more likely to feel depressed. So many go to there doctors to get medicine for anxiety and other emotional issues. There is so many studies now that support the concept that meditation can heal our mind and body.

The trick is you HAVE to do it.

Please take the time to do something for your mind. When we learn to teach the mind how to slow down, relax and feel calm we can feel it in all areas of our lives. This months meditation is one of my most favorite. I learned this meditation the summer I was 20 years old and was really questioning everything in my life. I was depressed and had lost trust. This meditation carried me to truly connecting to my inner self and consciousness. I hope that you have a wonderful experience with it as well. ❤