The Power of being Content

March 6, 2017

We as a society are always trying to be happy. Most often the number one goal I hear from clients is “I want to be happy”. In response, I ask them “What does happiness look like to you?” This turns into a longer and deeper conversation.

If you don’t know what happiness looks like, then it will be very hard to achieve it or make happen. Is your ideal happiness something that is sustainable? Something you can have all the time? Usually no, only because we as a society often look at happiness as having an outgoing life with lots of friends, and feeling connected to others. Now don’t get me wrong these are great to have, but to have them all the time can in time add stress and can feel like manic happiness. This can also be taxing on your nervous system and can cause stress on your organs.

What I suggest is for individuals who strive for happiness is to strive for contentment. This is when you are peaceful with your life. When things are really good you enjoy them. When things are hard you trust that it will pass. Contentment is easier to maintain especially if you meditate.

Meditation is a tool to clear out your mind and bring you back into balance. I like to say... “Meditating is a washing machine for your mind and chanting is the spot remover”

The trick here is that you have to practice every day. Meditation brings you back to your center. Everything in life is easier from your center. Need help in being more centered and finding what it means to be content? Try practicing the Seven Wave Meditation. This meditation centers you on the inside. Enjoy. Click here to share this meditation with someone you think needs it.