Seven Wave "Sat Nam" Meditation

Clears the patterns of negative thinking and creates inner peace.


Meditation Instructions


Eyes closed and focus on the brow point (between the eyebrows and up one inch, this activates intuition).


Hands in prayer pose at the heart center (palms flat, thumbs touching the center of your sternum)
Prayer pose supports the self to be centered.

Breathing Pattern

Inhale deeply, focus on your breath as you chant SAT (with your exhale) in six waves and let NAM be the seventh wave.

On each wave thread the sound through the Chakras (Energy centers in your body) as you pulse the wave at each point. 1st chakra (rectum) 2nd chakra (sex organs) 3rd chakra (navel point) 4th chakra (heart) 5th chakra (throat) 6th chakra (brow point) 7th chakra (top of head)


Tools to bring the mind into focus and connect the subconscious and conscious mind which brings change.
Sat Nam is a Bij (seed) mantra (Sat means truth, Nam means identity.)
A seed contains all the knowledge of a tree, words are like seeds. They can grow beauty or destruction. “The essence/seed is the identity of truth embodied in condensed form. Chanting this mantra awakens the soul and gives you your destiny.” (KRITeachings)

To End

Inhale deeply three times and sit quietly for 2-3 min. and notice the experience you created, experience you.