Prosperity through the eyes of a yogi or the American Dream?

May 28, 2017

American’s have this value that everyone can be rich and famous but if you look closely the smaller print says “but not you and you and you”. There is an issue with both sides of this thinking. Yes you want to dream big and yes not all dreams become reality for everyone. The trick is the energy behind your dream and the power behind it.

There is this idea in the United States that anyone can have anything.  Like it is a birth right.  The problem over time is that we have forgotten how to work hard for our dreams.  We think they should just be handed to us because of who we are.  Not the case.  We all need to go through experiences in life good and bad, happy and sad, rich and poor.  This very valued lesson in experience can then be combined with our knowledge which comes from self emotional and spiritual growth.  The two together creates wisdom.

You can’t have wisdom with out experience and knowledge combined.  So how do we navigate through life with more success to come to prosperity?

We have to be creative, be able to follow through with the creativity (the action) and complete the idea or a version of it.  The issue is most of us get stuck in one area or another in this process.  This is one reason working with others is successful because we can balance each other.

So how do we strengthen all three to become wise and then experience prosperity? Yep here is a meditation to support you.  Prosperity Meditation with the chant Har Haray Haree, Wahe Guru.

Har is all about the creative aspect of everything.  That’s right this will increase your creativity and dreaming.

Haray is about the active.  Gets your juices moving to move you.  No sitting on the sofa with this energy.

Haree is about completing the dream.  Supporting us to follow through on things, lists, actions.  If you can’t finish things then you might as well be running in place trying to get somewhere.

Prosperity Meditation

Again to really have an experience of success I suggest you practice for at least 40 days.  Journal each day about how you are feeling and what is changing.  Share with others so we all can feel lucky and fulfilled.