Cosmic Jokes

August 15, 2017

You might have heard of the term “cosmic joke” — but what is it? This is when we have two ways of life or philosophies which contradict one another yet are both true. An example can be found in relationships: if someone is seeking support in exchange for security but is unable to satisfy that expectation without their own needs being fulfilled first.

Cosmic jokes are found everywhere, every day. Life is hard, yet we are expected to remain calm throughout it all. It is difficult to strike a balance in life when we are forced to confront these constant contradictions. In fact, it can feel downright frustrating at times.

We are here, alive on this planet, for a human experience: growth. We grow as people by learning and consequently shifting ourselves to optimally handle life’s contradictions and confusing circumstances. In order to deal with these crises, we need to be strong-willed and clear-headed.

Meditation is key when it comes to strengthening our brain and mind. By rewarding us with the proper tools to manage life and all the drama that comes with it, meditation allows us to address cosmic jokes. By fearlessly confronting life’s issues, we can bring ourselves back into balance. Using meditation works because it directly affects our brain though neurological shifts; in turn, we are able to better process situations and react in a healthy manner.

When we can remember to keep our cool and rationalize our thought processes and emotions, we are able to face life’s challenges with clarity and courage. This makes us pass through the issue quickly, thus establishing the balance we seek and building happiness.

For many, meditation is a new experience — and incorporating chanting into the routine can feel extra strange. This all changes with a little bit of practice. Getting started is as easy as committing three minutes to yourself, every day, for 40 days. You can try any of my chanting meditations listed on my website, but I recommend starting with Prosperity Meditation, Meditation for Balance, or Gunpati Meditation.

I strongly encourage you to at least try it. If you do, I’d love to know how it goes for you.