Why Should you Meditate?

March 19, 2017

The healthy benefits of Meditation has everyone talking these days. From doctors to psychiatrists; medical professionals are finally prescribing meditation as a way to cure illnesses and manage pain.

The issue is while doctors are subscribing meditations, there is no direction on how to begin meditating. It used to be this weird thing that we thought some old man on a hill side, or an odd lady who smelled of patchouli and owned over 4 cats practiced. But meditation is something more than a stereotypical trend, but has been an ancient tradition that has been around for centuries.

Meditation is practiced differently, and is a part of all most all faiths or religions in some form or another. Priest’s for example, practice meditations in their services. Nuns practice a kind of meditation in which they sit for hours in church either quietly or singing hymns. Furthermore, All forms of religion include contemplating the meaning of life, God or your own existence.

For Decades, “Deep” meditation was a secrete practice, especially Kundalini. Taking a look back at history, even religions were secretive. With Kundalini, meditation was a secrete practice only taught to those who were considered worthy. Only men with Nobel status’ were given the opportunity to be taught the ways of meditation.

Thanks to teachers like Yogi Bhajan, anyone can learn to meditate. All you have to do is google it, and thousands of search responses will appear. So Which form of meditation will you pick?

Meditation is a tool that enhances
what you already believe in.

… a tool that helps you stay on track when life throws you curve balls.

… a tool that brings mindfulness into your life so that you’re more aware of your life’s path.

… a tool that actually increases the gray matter in your brain so that you feel happy, focused and calm in life (Science has proven this, thank you for science for getting on board.)

Meditation is a way to help YOU stay connected to YOU. The trick is you just have to do it!

Pick any of my many Kundalini Meditations on my website and start with 3 minutes every day. Be consistent with 3 minutes. After 40 days try going to 7 minutes and so on. If you looking for a specific meditation email me! Write 1-3 paragraphs describing what you want to change in life or your block and I will email you meditations to practice.