The power of Mantra

July 17, 2017

When forging an inner connection with the self, mantra is an important link. Because of the sound currents it creates and the rhythm that is followed when chanting aloud, we are able to look into ourselves and understand our brain and mind on a deep level.

Many of us are governed by our thoughts which threaten to impede our journey towards mindfulness. Mantra guides us away from the noises in our heads and encourages us to shift our focus. When we chant, our brain works to make sense of the experience as it filters through the mantra’s words. It provides a different form of relief than sitting in silence for an hour, which is a method that is not always beneficial for an overactive mind.

Kundalini technology as taught by Yogi Bhajan celebrates the meridians in our mouth that connect to our brain. Like pressing keys on a piano, these 84 meridians are activated through the vibrations of chanting — and they create a song that your body can understand. It starts to shape who you are by influencing your thoughts in a natural, positive, and healthy manner. It is hard to remain conscious about what you tell your brain and mind, so the trick is to practice chanting throughout the day, every day. This will act like a tuning fork for your brain, allowing you to stay aware of each thought process you are cultivating.

Try incorporating chanting into your life. Pick a mantra, hymn, or prayer set to music and recite it at any point throughout your day. Here are some that I love:

  • Guru Guru Wahe Guru Guru Ram Das Guru: for miracles.
  • Aad Guray Nameh, Judgaad Guray Nameh, Sat Guray Nameh, Siri Guroo Devay Nameh: for protection and feeling safe.
  • Humee Hum Brahm Hum: connecting us to something bigger than us to help us feel supported in life.

Sit quietly with yourself and chant your chosen mantra out loud for 11 minutes. After one month of practicing, see what kind of benefits your body and mind experiences. I would love to hear from you and what kind of changes you have noticed in your approach to life. Share your favorite mantra or prayer with me!