The Essence of Truth

October 30, 2017

Are you looking for a certain something that will make everything okay? Something that will make life all better? Something that will remove your pain and suffering? I am sorry to say that this is not something that you can find on a shelf or from another person. However, you can still obtain what you seek: it’s found within yourself.

Deep inside you, there is an essence of truth. It is an inner light, a sense of peace, that can sustain you and your mental health. It supports you as you move through life.

This is the part of your mind that your thoughts tap into when life is rough. When you don’t know what to do, it is the natural soothing phenomenon that assures us that things will be alright.

As our self-made motivational speaker, it encourages us to keep moving even when we want to roll over and give up. It keeps us moving.

Ideally, we develop this mentality when we are young. It’s the “never give up!” pep talk that a parent might instill in their child, teaching them to look inside themselves for the power to succeed.

Unfortunately, we don’t all benefit from this privileged perspective at a young age. Maybe we were never taught it, or maybe some kind of pain in our childhood has sullied an optimistic outlook. Childlike angst can affect us and ultimately misguide us. The BS that gets in our way when we’re trying to live our life to the fullest is our duality: the cloud that threatens to block out the sun.

If you want to blow that cloud away to receive the sun’s warmth, then you may want to meditate. By practicing meditation, you can push trauma, pain, and suffering out of yourself. You can find that inner light that keeps you motivated and moving in life. After all, meditation is a tool that enables us to let go of the emotional storytelling that takes place in our heads, cleaning up the dirt that bad memories and/or overthinking leave behind. I like to say that meditation is a washing machine for the brain; mantra chanting is the spot remover.

 I have over 40 meditations on my website. I encourage you to pick one and start practicing daily. Choose one you know you can commit to, even if it’s only three or seven minutes each day. Eventually, I hope you explore meditation for a full eleven minutes daily; it’s my favorite way to practice to see, feel, and experience the most profound results.