The Attitude of Gratitude

November 6, 2017

What does it mean to really be thankful in life? What are the tools to get you there?

1. Do your words reflect thankfulness?

  • When you speak are you comparing? If so mentally, bless the others person and bless yourself.
  • How often do you thank others who serve you? If not try saying thank you for simple things. 
  • Learn to truly listen to what others are saying and open your heart. If this feels scary, try the Healing Meditation.
  • Words are power and seeds that are planted. Be mindful what you say to others. Flaws your mind with chanting meditations.

2. Do you accept Gratitude from others?

  • When someone gives you a compliment say thank you
  • Allow others to love you
  • Sometimes we are harsh towards others because we are afraid. Find your courage to let others in. 
  • It is ok to let others help you. It is a way to connect

3. Do you see good in All?

  • Others are a reflection of you
  • Try to look beyond the shell of a person and see what is inside. 
  • Everyone is born beautiful
  • If you judge a book by its cover you will miss the gift.

4. Are you thankful for you?

  • Get a jar, write down 52 things about yourself which you are thankful for. Then open one a week for a year so you don't forget.
  • Have healthy boundaries where you don't let others walk all over you. Practice Sat Kartaar Meditation.
  • Look in the mirror each day and tell yourself you love yourself. 
  • When you go to bed write down three things you did well that day. 

5. Do your actions reflect thankfulness?

  • Do your actions reflect how thankful you feel in life? If not do something for someone else without them knowing. 
  • Do you think before your act? This relates to your level of consciousness. If you are more reactive. Practice meditations with special breathing patterns. 
  • Having a quick reflex with regards to others has to do with not trusting the process of your life. 
  • Stop. Reflect. Correct. Act.