Stay Young & Feel Young

March 31, 2017

Stay young and feel young with meditation. What? That sounds too crazy and amazing to be true. But it is true! During a recent research study, UCLA studied the minds of adults in their 50’s and learned that their brains are 7 ½ years younger than those who don’t meditate.

As we age, our brain begins to shrink. This affects our memory and how you deal with your emotions and your executive functioning due to the size of your brain. UCLA’s study also found that meditators are able to slow down the decline of the brains age and protect against age related decline in the body.

The brain is the conductor of your body’s entire system. A youthful brain’s higher concentration is able to read better signals overall.

Kundalini meditation and yoga not only heals the brain but also the glandular system and nervous system. Kundalini yoga is a workout for the organs and glands. Often you will find that yogis look younger than their actual ages. The trick is you have to practice daily. Find a Kundalini Yoga and Meditation classes in your town. You can also check out and my blog for meditations developed for your mind and brain.