Fear is triggered by anxiety… Change it with vitality

December 18, 2016

Wow there is a lot of fear in our society these days, it is masked as anxiety. If you can let go of your fears and feel safe you will find your vitality. The way you can is by centering your inner self through meditation and raise your vitality.

Anxiety is the fear of something real or imagined happening in your life or about to.  What would it be like if you stopped saying you are anxious about a situation or event and started saying what it is.  Let your self look at your fears straight on.

New thinking

“I am feeling insecure about my relationship and what I need to feel positive about it is _____” (you feel safe to ask for what you want and you have the vitality to ask for it” (the energy to ask)

Old thinking

“I am anxious about my relationship”

Transitional thinking

“I am afraid that my relationship is going to end”

Try this daily when you are feeling anxious.  Break it down in your head and in writing. Meditate daily to build up your inner vitality (energy).  To fully have an effect you will have to practice every day for at least 40 days or more.  See my blog about timing of meditations and length.

I hope you enjoyed this activity and meditation.  If you have please share with your family and friends so we all can let go of our fears real or imagined.