September 25, 2017

Do you feel close to your partner? How about your family and friends? What do you think is more important in your life: feeling connected or being valued?

Feeling connected is when we feel close to someone. Even when apart from one another, we have a sense that the other person is thinking of you and your presence. Because of this tight connection, your partner, family member, and/or friend often thinks about you when moving through life — but doesn’t necessarily alter their life according to your likes and dislikes. Being connected can also have a simple connotation of being physically close to another person; through the act of touching, we are connected to them.

Feeling valued is when your partner, family member, and/or friend explicitly considers how a decision may impact you. They are close enough to you to know what your beliefs are; additionally, they hold this information about you in high regard. When interacting with you, they are cognizant of your ethics and interact with you accordingly. They value your opinions and thoughts — and any advice you give them — as if they were worth their weight in gold. When you value someone, you learn from them (and vice versa). There is a mutual, respectable relationship.

Take a moment to think of your acquaintances, friends, family members, and even your partner. Assess what kind of relationship you have with each of these individuals in your life. Is your relationship based on connection, value, or neither? If you find neither to be prevalent in your relationships with others, step back and work on the connection and value within yourself first. Meditation is the perfect tool to build inner-connection and value. This is why I encourage everyone to meditate daily: it will help you build a relationship with yourself.