Bringing Courage to Life

June 7, 2017

“It is not the life you live; it is the courage you bring to it.”

This is one of my most favorite quotes. What I love about this statement is that it addresses courage as a staple to living life. If you read auto biographies regularly, you might notice that they often are full of hardships. Writers will talk about their lives while shining a light on their struggles — and how they learned to overcome these difficulties. For many, they were able to overcome because of inner-strength, also known as courage. It is a powerful energy.

Meditation is not unlike finding courage. Does meditation change everything in an instant, so that you no longer face any struggles? No, it needs time. Will meditation make all of your woes go away? No, there will always be new problems to confront. But meditation will cause an internal shift. This internal frequency, founded on positivity and self-reliance, ultimately helps you deal with life. It provides you with a powerful energy — like courage — which helps you make those changes you seek. It gives you the willpower to get up, get out of bed, and keep up with life.

Think of meditation as a vitalizing juice you consume in the morning to boost your energy and give you the nutrients to live healthily. By incorporating it into your daily routine, you can start to give yourself the fuel to work through pain and suffering. If you feel trapped or paralyzed by your emotions, meditation can help direct you towards a sense of freedom.

I strongly encourage you to try it. Pick any meditation from my website and practice it every single day for at least 40 days. You may instantly love the sensation and feel immediate changes, but you also may hate it and find it awkward or uncomfortable. Please push through the 40 days to fully experience the results. At the end of the trial-run, I hope that you notice an internal shift created within you. I hope that you discover a newfound sense of motivational focus to guide you through life… one that is just as inspiring as courage itself.