madhur-nain's Experience with Psychotherapy, Mental Health and Yogic Technology

Madhur-Nain sitting on a bench in front of her framed academic credentials

Madhur-Nain’s  methods of practice come from working with a diverse clientele in a variety of settings over the years. This experience comes directly from conducting therapy at non-profit organizations, private practice, a community college, women shelters and elementary schools.

She has trained with Dr. Richard Schwartz in Internal Family Systems Therapy, Dr. David Burns in Cognitive Therapy, with Dr. Fred Luskin in Forgiveness Therapy, Dr. Andrew Leeds EMDR, and Terry Real RLT (couples work). In addition she is extensively trained in meditation and yoga for over forty years.

Board of Behavioral Sciences Lic. # MFC 45257

  • Madhur-Nain Webster received her master’s degree from the University of Oregon in 2001. She then settled in California where she received her licensing with the Board of Behavioral Sciences.
  • Internal Family Systems (IFS) This method is wonderful with getting in touch with our inner self, working on changing negative behaviors or patterns and healing past hurts. Therapeutic areas that IFS can have benefits are depression, anxiety, anger, PTSD, eating disorders and fear. To learn more about this method please visit their website www.selfleadership.org
  • EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing -Therapy) a form of psychotherapy intervention for resolving the systems-self of traumatic and other disturbing life experiences. www.emdria.com
  • RLT (Relational Life Therapy) with founder Terry Real www.terryreal.com RLT is a technique that supports and changes unhappy or dysfunctional relationships 
  • EFT Tapping to change emotional and physical pain in our lives.
  • Madhur-Nain has trained Kundalini yoga and meditation Internationally to become a yoga instructor and with mental health workers in Taiwan.