The Stressless Brain with Madhur-Nain Webster

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Today, I welcome Madhur-Nain Webster.  After Receiving her Masters degree from the University of Oregon State, Madhur-Nain became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the State of California and now runs a very successful practice in Napa, CA. Her conviction of the positive influence that meditation has on the psychology and well being of a person plays a major role in her approach to therapy. She is also the  author of the new book, The Stressless Brain. Her book introduces people to meditative tools that can be used to change, transition, and ultimately heal their stress and anxiety. In today's episode, we dive into how both science and mindfulness practices can help calm anxiety.  She talks to us about how mindfulness actually changes the brain by making new neural pathways. If you have ever suffered from anxiety and depression, you will not want to miss today's episode.  

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