ERP 364: What Does It Mean To Do “Your Work” In Relationship

Interview With Madhur-Nain Webster
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Relationships can be a beautiful source of joy and growth, but they can also be incredibly challenging. Every person enters into a relationship with their own experiences, beliefs, and patterns of behavior. These can either support or hinder the connection we are trying to build with our partner. To create a healthy and fulfilling relationship, it's crucial to recognize that we have work to do on ourselves. The question is -- what does "your work" within a relationship really mean?

In this episode, we'll explore actionable steps you can take to cultivate a deeper understanding of yourself and your partner, and create a more harmonious and loving relationship.

Madhur-Nain Webster is a licensed marriage and family therapist, specializing in the integration of eastern and western philosophies for mental health for individuals and couples. Her first book, The Stressless Brain (2018), makes a scientific argument for the positive influence meditation has on the psyche; she is currently working on her second book. In addition to releasing over 60 meditation singles, Madhur-Nain maintains international outreach by appearing on podcasts and holding meditation workshops.

Check out the transcript of this episode on Dr. Jessica Higgin's website.

In this episode

6:33 The importance of transparency and collaboration in couples therapy: Navigating individual and couples work and addressing behavioral change

11:46 Individual therapy: The importance of doing your own work to benefit your relationships.

17:15 A discussion on adjusting lenses and coping mechanisms towards relationship longevity.

22:26 The importance of self-reflection in relationships.

29:03 The Importance of Continuous Personal Growth and Therapy in Building Healthy Self-Esteem and Self-Worth.

34:29 Cultivating the wise self and soul self.


Soul-Self & the Emotional Facets of Your Personality (workshop)

The Stressless Brain (book)

Relationship Map To Happy, Lasting Love

Shifting Criticism For Connected Communication

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