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Yogi Numerology

Discover your Gift's
& Destiny

May 20-21st • Saturday 9am-6pm • Sunday 9am-1pm


About the Event

Discover your gift and destiny through The Ten Light Bodies of Consciousness, Yogi Bhajan' system of numerology! This system is simple, easy and fun. Using the numbers of your birthday, you can then understand and relate the numbers to your ten bodies. You can use this information to discover your strengths, as well as aspects that may need balancing or strengthening. Learn how to use this system to counsel yourself and others. It is especially useful for self-discovery, understanding others and for determining what Kundalini kriya or meditation you need to practice forself-realization. Join Nirvair Singh, the Alaskan Yogi, in a rare visit from Florida, for an afternoon of fun and upliftment!


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