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Types of Therapy Sessions


Individuals & Families

Women, Men, Seniors, Teens, Couples & Families

A Helping Hand

Helping individuals who are choosing to make changes in their lives but feel that they need a helping hand, support and/or feedback

Spiritual Outlook

People with a spiritual outlook or seeking a spiritual outlook.


Relationship Issues

Relationship issues with families, friends, partners or spouses.

Healing the Past

Healing past hurts & healing your inner child or traumas, depression, anxiety, panic attacks, PTSD & Stress


Learn how to use meditation to bring about change in ourselves, our habits and way of life.


About Therapy with


After Receiving her Masters degree from the University of Oregon State, Madhur-Nain became a licensed Marriage and Family Therapists in the State of California and now runs a very successful practice in Napa, CA. Her conviction of the positive influence that meditation have on the psychology and well being of a person plays a major role in her approach to therapy...


Life is changing all the time, sometimes change is easy and sometimes change is hard.  When change is hard how do we know who to turn to?  Finding someone can be scary, not knowing who is good, who you can trust or who has the wisdom to help, support and guide you.

For many turning to a therapist helps the individual, couple or family cope with the change and receive the help needed.  For this reason Madhur-Nain Webster has the technology, wisdom and grace to help those who are experiencing difficult change.

Happiness is not something ready made. It comes from your own actions.


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