Due to family circumstances and scheduling this workshop is postponed to early 2023. Please enjoy a FREE download of my first meditation album Vol 1 with code “VOL1”. Thank you for your understanding.

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This is a 5-week Workshop Series to discover, reconnect and integrate the unique gifts of your Soul-Self (that you are born with!) using psychology, meditation and art. Ready to have more ease and success in your relationships, your career, and your life?

Maybe you are feeling stuck in patterns of thinking, relationships, or your reactions towards others?

You don’t like to lose your patience and yell at your kids, snap at your partner, or become overly emotional with your friends. You work hard and feel frustrated with not getting recognized for all you do by others. It can be hard to stay motivated when you try to make changes, but slip back or struggle getting them to stick. And this is why I am here to help.

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In case we haven’t met, my name is Madhur-Nain. I’m a licensed psychotherapist, author, speaker, and meditation instructor.

I designed this workshop series using some of my very best and most popular tools to help you understand what causes people to get stuck in unhelpful patterns, and how to change them.

I’ve poured my heart and soul and creative inspiration into creating something really special for the workshop series

Meet Your Soul-Self

Here is what you will learn over 5 weeks:

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Week 1:

Your Soul Self & Emotional Facets

When we can see our inner parts, emotions, characteristics and how they are developed we can change the patterns in our life.
But most of us look at ourselves as a big messy ball of yarn.

This first week we will use meditation, journaling, and art (in the form of collage, drawing, painting, or word clusters- whichever you are most inspired by) to learn about the 9 Emotional Facets of Your Personality and how they were created.

You will learn how these different lenses impact your life’s perspective, emotions, thinking and behavior. Then we’ll activate your connection to your personal Soul-Self. That special, unique part of you that gives you strength and courage in relationships, parenting, work, creativity, and life purpose.

We’ll do a deep dive into what has worked for you, what has gotten in the way of your happiness and success, and what the themes are of your life view. You’ll learn how to connect these different parts of you in a way that allows your Soul-Self to give you a foundation of personal strength you can tap into for the rest of your life.

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Week 2:

Facing Your Past

“I keep trying to date and have a relationship and I just can’t trust anyone. Why can’t I change this? I am sick of being alone.”

Does any part of that sound familiar? In the second week you are going to learn how the past pain and numbing interferes with your current relationships, career, and life. By understanding our past, we can start having more compassion for ourselves, our reactions to upsetting things calms down, and the healing begins, allowing you to start feeling more connected to others. During this week we’ll continue to build on working and strengthening connections to your Soul-Self through meditation, journaling and your choice of art exercises.

You’ll learn to start seeing your patterns of feelings, thoughts, memories and sensations of the past to see where you can change your thinking and/or your behavior in your current life. This week alone can be a complete game changer, especially if you are currently going through a life transition.

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Week 3:

Breaking Bad Habits

“I make changes and then something triggers me and I fall back into old habits. I am tired of being afraid, I am losing opportunities, potential relationships and career options.”

Does this ever happen to you? Most of us learn unhealthy habits to deal with fear and anger so we don’t have to feel things. Unfortunately that just buries the feelings deeper into our mind and body until they pop up when we least expect it.

The good news is that change is possible when you can start to see how your thoughts affect your thinking, feelings and behaviors. During week 3 you’ll learn how to tune into your Soul-Self with meditations to carry you through triggering situations and difficulties, feelings and memories so you can begin forming healthier habits that support your life, relationships, health, and goals.

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Week 4:

The Bumpy Path To Happiness & Success

Is there any part of you that says “Yes, but….”?

Doing the light and shadow work to change outdated thoughts, behaviors and automatic responses that we’ve outgrown in life sounds pretty straightforward, but it can get tricky with ups and downs making us feel like we are taking 2 steps forward, one step back, and sometimes 3 steps back, and one step forward. This is the stage where many people start to give up and slink backwards, reverting to old, automatic, unhelpful ways of thinking about themselves, their relationships, and their goals in life. It can be scary to change things that feel familiar, even if we know they are toxic for us. That’s why I’ve designed Week 4 to help you through the bumps! We’ll be doing some movement, meditation, art, and journaling practices with your Soul-Self that allow you to hold your composure- even when you are evoked by anger, shame, guilt, or fear. This is such a powerful week!

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Week 5:

Your Wise-Self

This is the week we bring it all together for deep integration, activation, and connection to your Wise-Self. You’ll learn a meditation for uniting all the facets of your personality with the power-house support of your Soul-Self and your Wise-Self in a way that is grounding, stable, and deepens your self-trust.

We’ll be doing some journaling, movement and art that weaves all the work we’ve done throughout the program into something you can access over and over in the future to help you know yourself more, learn what part of yourself is running the show in the moment, and give you access to healthier choices for the life you most want. Feeling the connection of your Soul-Self with your Wise-Self will make it easier to manage triggers, stay authentic, and stay on track for a life filled with happiness and success. Even if you slip you can walk through these steps and find your way back to accessing your Soul-Self and Wise-Self!

All The Goodness Kicks Off Sunday, September 18th!

We’ll meet online on Zoom for 5 Sundays in live group sessions.
Here’s the full schedule

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Sunday, September 18th, 2022

9am-11am PDT

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Sunday, September 25th, 2022

9am-11am PDT

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Sunday, October 2nd, 2022

9am-11am PDT

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Sunday, October 9th, 2022

9am-11am PDT

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Sunday, October 16th, 2022

9am-11am PDT

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Oh, And Did I Mention The Box of GIFTS I’ll Be Mailing You?!

Anyone that has spent time with me knows that one of my favorite things to do is gift giving- it is just SO MUCH fun for me! So for everyone that registers by midnight, Friday August 26th, I’ll be mailing you a Soul-Self Gift Kit that includes all kinds of goodies that will provide an extra boost of support, you’ll be receiving:

A hardcover copy of The Stressless Brain by Madhur-Nain

An autographed hardback copy of my book, The Stressless Brain

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A Soul Self Journal

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A blue t-shirt with the "Soul-Self" workshop logo

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9 meditation covers arranged in a grid

21 Digital Meditation Music Downloads

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So Just to Recap...

During the 5-Week Transformational Journey, Soul-Self & The Emotional Facets Of Your Personality, we’ll be weaving psychology, meditation and art to bring more happiness and success to your life.

  • 5 weeks of my most popular and effective training, tools, and resources to help transform unhelpful thought, feeling, and reaction patterns. (These are what I use with my celebrity clients as well, the value is $1500)

  • Weekly live group call where I’ll guide you on a powerful journey so you can have a transformative experience in real time. There will be space to  answer questions about your specific situation as well. ($1000 value)

  • Home activities with support and accountability to do things you know you should or want to do, while integrating the training and practices ($750 value)

  • Access to 21 guided meditation and visualization audios, some of my best resources at your fingertips ($100 value)

  • An autographed hardback copy of my book, The Stressless Brain ($29.99)

  • Soul-Self Gift Kit for a surprise box of goodies to help you continue to access all the wonderful work we’ve done, even after the series completes (priceless!)

Total Value $3,379.99

Ready to sign Up?

Since this will be an online group setting, I’ll be able to share my very best training and resources, and more of my time for a fraction of the price. My typical public speaking rate is 1000s of dollars.

This full program is just $850


Pricing ends August 26th

Early Bird Special!

When you sign up by midnight, Friday August 26th, not only will I be personally mailing you the Soul-Self Gift Kit, but you’ll also receive a $100 discount for the early bird special! (Can you tell I really love gift giving?) I can’t wait to send you these gifts! So register by midnight, Friday August 26th, you’ll receive a box of support gifts and wearables from me, and the 5-week workshop series is only $750.

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What Are the Next Steps?

After you click the sign up button and register for the class. You will receive a confirmation email. I will then get busy working to put your gift box in the mail (or send it digitally) so you receive your goodies prior to the workshop. I will send an email reminder two times before we start. You will receive a zoom log in 24 hours before each class. We will meet online and I will teach, support and guide you on this journey of transformation for 5 weeks!

All you need to do is click the button below, how much is transforming your stuck patterns to unlock more zest and joy in life worth to you?