Meditation To

Awaken the Dormant Power Within

This meditation helps to release dormant power within you using your breath and movement. This allows you to become ten times greater and to face life with grace. 

Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight


Eyes are closed and focused on the brow point (3rd eye)


Elbows are bent with the forearms moving from parallel (in front of the upper chest with fingers pointing at each other) to straight up and down (hands facing each other), hands at shoulders. Index finger and middle fingers are straight and in a V shape, while you hold down your ring and small fingers with your thumbs. Move your arms (with the breath) from your shoulders, while keeping the rest of your arm steady.  


Your breath is moving with the movement of your arms about one movement per second. Your breathing will be almost breath of fire: steady fast-paced breathing through the nose and the mouth closed. You will use your diaphragm for breathing. If you become light-headed, you are breathing incorrectly: slow down, catch your breath and continue. 


Gobinday, Mukanday,
Udharay, Aparay

Hariang, Kariang,
Nirnamay, Akamay
This clears karma, balances the brain and increases compassion within you.


Inhale deeply and hold your breath. Let the prana and mantra multiply within you. Exhale. Repeat two more times. On the last round inhale deeply and  powerfully, hold, and pull the navel in. Exhale and relax.


Full time is 23 ½ min. daily practice for full effect. You can start with 3, 7, and 11 min. and work up to full time. 

© Madhur-Nain
Kundalini Yoga as Taught By Yogi Bhajan ® | July 24, 1996