Segmented Breathing Meditations (Digital Download)

Segmented Breathing Meditations (Digital Download)



1 | 1 Creating Inner Peace
8 | 8 Calming & Centering
4 | 8 Calming, Unblocking & Letting Go
8 | 5 Focusing & Energizing
4 | 1 Healing, Energizing & Uplifting
4 | 4 Creating Clarity & Alertness

Plus a digital booklet with a page of instructions on each meditation.

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Segmented Breathing is a breathing technique often used in Kundalini Yoga. By inhaling and exhaling in segments, you create an internal rhythm that stimulates your vagus nerve; this helps calm the mind. This act can often be challenging for a beginner, which is why this Segmented Breathing album of six tracks offers mantras to go with each meditation to help support the meditator. Those who require focus are encouraged to silently chant when practicing.

Sit on the floor in Easy Pose (legs crossed) or on a chair in your home, office, or other relaxing place and try one of the eleven-minute meditations included on the album. Read the descriptions and see which one speaks to you. If you have never meditated and/or are new to segmented breathing, 1/1 Creating Inner Peace is a rewarding meditation that can gently introduce you to this unique yogic technology. Practice for thirty days, writing down your thoughts and feelings after each meditation so that you can track your progress and the influence meditation has on you.