Meditations for Depression (Kundalini Meditation Bookmarks)

Meditations for Depression (Kundalini Meditation Bookmarks)


Have easy access to meditation at all times with these travel-friendly Kundalini Meditation Bookmarks. Each bundle features a curated selection of five meditations that tackle a singular issue, from depression to prosperity.

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• Gunpati Meditation
• Clear Your Karmas Meditation
• Release Cold Depression Meditation
• Healing Meditation
• Kirtan Kriya Meditation

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No matter where you are in life, meditation can help guide you. These slim Kundalini Meditation Bookmarks are a convenient way to have yogic technology by your side at all times, allowing you to tune in to yourself whenever you need mindful assistance. Store them in a bedside table, hang them on your fridge, or pin them on your office cork board for easy access to a meditation that can help you with a variety of issues.

Each bundle contains five double-sided bookmarks with meditations on one side and inspirational photos, encouraging quotes, and the purpose of the meditation on the other side. Whether you are looking for something to aid in your anxiety or are hoping to calm an overactive mind, you will be able to find a themed bundle that works for you. Because of their size, these bookmarks are easily portable, providing relief at any time, in any place, for anyone.