4/4 Segmented Breathing Meditation


Meditation Instructions


Sit on the floor or chair. Spine straight
(This allows the energy to flow up the spine and center the self)


Eyes closed, focus on the 3rd eye. (between the eyebrows and up one inch, this activates intuition).
Mudra: Hands in Gyan Mudra, thumb tip touches index finger tip and the other fingers are straight. (This stimulates the ability to understand your inner knowledge and wisdom which invokes receptivity and calmness)

Breathing Pattern

In-hale in 4 segments
(Wahe Guru – mentally chant 4 times)
Ex-hale in 4 segments
(Wahe Guru – mentally chant 4 times)
(Inhale and exhale with little sniffs. The breath pattern is meant to relax you and stimulate particular nerves which activates the vagus nerve. The vagus nerve supports the nervous system.)

Silent Mantra

[Tools to bring the mind into focus and connect the subconscious and conscious mind which brings change]

Wahe Guru a Trikutee mantra (Guru means teacher, truth. Gu -is darkness, Ru -is light. Guru is the process of
transforming yourself from darkness to light. Wahe is that indescribable process of the GURU experience. Find it inside you!)
Free mantra music at madhurnain.com


3, 7, 11, 22, 31 min.daily

To End

Inhale and exhale deeply three times to end the meditation. Then sit quietly for 2-3 min. Shake the body with held breath 2-3 times, relax.