Get to Know Kundalini: Sara Southam

what is your favorite mantra

Oh has to be Mool Mantra.  Melts my heart every time. 

why do you meditate

To create grounding, clarity, and a sense that I can carry the many things on my plate. 

Where do you like to meditate

Upstairs in our empty room.  I have some pretty drapes and a meditation cushion in there with some light furniture. It feels unencumbered. 


Sara Southam
how did you get into kundalini meditation

I stumbled into a Kundalini Class, mainly because it was the only time that worked with my schedule that day.  After that there was no going back.  The experience I had was so formative and powerful that I continued to come to class.  It really shifted my world view.  From there I became a teacher and really jumped into the experience. 


funniest kundalini meditation

I don’t remember the name, but there is one where you either cry or maybe it just sounds like everyone is being born.  Dramatic.  I think healing, but also if you were a fly on the wall, it would be pretty funny. 

kundalini rather than silent

I really like the focus afforded to me with sound and mudra.  It enables my mind to shut dow and drop in.  Silent meditation is wonderful, but very challenging for me to get in that space. 

kundalini meditation affected your life

It has completely saved me and allowed for much healing and processing that I would have not otherwise had.  It has changed my self-worth and has given me my power back.  I love that it demands us as the practitioner to step up and create our experience.  No one is going to do it for us.  


Kundalini Relationships

My marriage has healed tremendously.  I used to succumb to playing the victim and would use emotions and guilt to manipulate the relationship and how I wanted our interactions to play out.  It was really toxic.  Kundalini meditation has allowed me to really become open and honest with myself and has allowed me to step into my own power vs. relying on manipulation to feel powerful.  I have healed a lot of the “not enough” within myself that has then translated to my marriage.  We have a really beautiful relationship that is built on better communication and a secure foundation.  KM has also helped me to be a better parent to our daughter because my patience level is higher and I have greater empathy.  

My Daughter & I

kundalini chanting

In the car, in the shower, walking, I play CD’s during work.  There are lots of ways!  Of course meditation time too.  I love to sing.  Ironically people have been telling me that I have a great voice!  I have never been told that in my entire life.  I think the vocal cords are stretching or there are some really tone deaf folks out there. 

kundalini knowledge

That it is for everyone!!!!  It is not weird or “new age.”  It can bring about tremendous change and can retrain your brain!


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Thank you for sharing your story Sara! -Madhur-Nain