Meditation to Quiet the Drums of War

There are different kinds of conflict inside and around us. This meditation helps quiet the energy of anger, fear, pride and judgment. Practice this meditation to quiet these elements and emotions, inside us and around us. Can also be used for protection with crisis in your home or community.


Meditation Instructions


Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight.


Eyes focused on the brow point (3rd eye). This stimulates the pituitary gland, supporting your emotions and hormones, and increases intuition. 


Rest your hands on your knees in Maha Gyan Mudra.


“Sat Narayan.” 

(True Sustainer)

“Wahe Guru.” 

(Indescribable wisdom)

“Hari Narayan.” 

“Sat Nam.” 

To End

Inhale and exhale deeply…and relax.