Meditation to Open Up the Newness in You

Cut through the duality which keeps you stuck. This meditation cuts away negative self talk so you can be your great self.


Meditation Instructions


Sitting on the floor or a chair with the spine straight.


Eyes are closed and focused on your brow point.


Both hands are at your shoulder level with hands facing forward. Hold down your ring and small fingers with your thumbs. Index and middle fingers are straight. Move your index (Jupiter) and middle (Saturn) fingers in a open and closed rhythmic movement. (Your fingers will get tired. This is good because it will trigger your subconscious mind.)

Breathing Pattern

11 min. Continue this movement with relaxed breathing. Continue the movement and now bring your mouth in an O shape and breath powerfully in and out of the mouth and pump the naval with the breath for 2½ min.

Silent Mantra

Ek Ong Kar | One Creator created this Creation

Sat Nam | Truth is God’s Name

Kartaa Purkh | Doer of Everything

Nirbhao | Fearless

Nirvair | Revengeless

Akaal Moorat | Undying

Ajoonee | Unborn

Saibung | Self-Illumined

Gur Prasad | It is by Guru’s Grace

Jap! | Repeat and Meditate!

Aad Sach | True in the Beginning

Jugaad Sach | True Through All the Ages

Haibhee Sach | True Even Now

Nanak Hosee Bhee Sach Nanak | Says Truth Shall Ever Be

This mantra removes deep, long standing pain and sorrow. Creates creativity and projects you into action in line with you destiny.

To End

Inhale deeply, hold the breath and pull the naval into the back of the spine. Connon breath out. Repeat this sequence three times total. Relax.