Archives from the Newsletter: Death, Trust, & Letting Go.


Recently my Grandfather passed away and It was the closest experience I have had with death. I have lost three other grandparents who I was very close to… but I was not with them when they were in their transition. Death is an interesting part of life. Isn’t it weird that death is a part of life? For it is the ultimate experience of letting go. So often when I’m working with clients or yoga students I find myself talking about letting go.


Stop trying to control everything. Yet we struggle with this in our everyday life. Control is governed by fear and fear keeps us stuck.

How do you let go of control? It is simple, you have to trust the process.

You have to learn how to trust what is happening in your life. You have to learn how to trust that you will be intuitive in making choices and changes that serve you. For so many this is so hard to do. We feel that life has been so hard and unfair... Wondering, Why is this always happening to me?  A trick here is when things are happening to you, you have to be a part of it.

Meditation has been such a strong and important tool in my life because it creates inner strength. This strength gives you courage to BE in your life. Be in the experience and grow from it by learning and changing.

Kundalini meditation is interesting and weird all at the same time.

The trick here is that Kundalini meditation is a tool for those who are part of the world. You don’t live up on a mountain and are contemplating peace. You are in the real world dealing with real shit. Kundalini meditation gives you sound, mudra, breath to create an internal experience which will help you heal, learn and deal with your life. Trick is you have to practice it every day. Find a meditation on my website and just start. I would start with Master’s Touch if you really have a hard time trusting the process of your life.

In the yogic tradition, we chant Akal when someone dies. This supports the process of the person who died to transition from this earthly realm to the next journey. Normally it is chanted out loud three times every day for 17 days. Akal means undying.

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