Kirtan Kriya

Heals depression by increasing grey matter and breaking negative patterns in the mind. The benefits of this meditation also support a healthy function of the mind for memory, especially for Alzheimer's.


Meditation Instructions


Sitting on the floor or chair. Spine straight.


Focus on brow point.


Your thumb will touch each finger as you chant. Always start with the index finger, moving through to small finger and starting again at index.


Saa (infinity) index finger (knowledge)
Taa (life) middle finger (wisdom)
Naa (death) ring finger (vitality)
Maa (rebirth) small finger (communication)


6 min. Version: 1 min. out-loud, 1 min. whisper, 2 min. silent, 1 min. whisper and 1 min. out-loud.

12 min. Version: 2 min. out-loud, 2 min. whisper, 4 min. silent, 2 min. whisper and 2 min. out-loud.

30 min. Version: 5 min. out-loud, 5 min. whisper, 10 min. silent, 5 min. whisper, and 5 min. out-loud.

To End

Sit silently for 1 min. then raise your arms up and spread your fingers and stretch the spine.