Get to Know Kundalini: Hargobind Khalsa

what is your favorite mantra

Right now....  Adi Shakti from Feeling Good Today

why do you meditate

I like use meditation time to process my thoughts and feelings. 

Where do you like to meditate

Living room


Sara Southam
how did you get into kundalini meditation

I was a crazy kid!


funniest kundalini meditation

They all funny.

kundalini rather than silent

I do both. If I am struggling to find a neutral state, I do the kundalini meditations. If I am feeling centered already, I generally do silent meditations. 

How has kundalini meditation affected your life, changed it?

kundalini meditation affected your life

It's a great system for me to find a neutral state. That helps me in making conscious choices in how I respond to adversity, struggle, depression and life in general. 


Kundalini Relationships

Similar as above I think relationships are often the most challenging because we react rather than build. I use the meditative practices to remember, that I really what to build relationships rather than perpetually exist in conflict. To me it’s about being conscious and clear about what I want.

My Daughter & I

kundalini chanting

My daughter likes singing the mantras right now so I use them as a fun thing for us to do together in the car. 

kundalini knowledge

Do it baby.


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