Gunpati Meditation

Helps clear the blocks from the past, evoking knowledge and happiness. It cuts you from pain caused by a traumatic experiencing, allowing you to break from overemotional thinking and patterns born from worry.


Meditation Instructions


Sitting on the floor or chair. Spine straight.


Eyes are 1/10th open.


Your thumb will touch each finger as you chant. Always start with the index finger, moving through to small finger and starting again at index.


(Breaking old patterns)
index, middle, ring, small
Ra — Ma — Da — Saa
(universal energy for healing)
index, middle, ring, small
(Spiritual energy for change)
index, middle, ring, small


Chant mantra on a single breath

To End

1. Inhale deeply, hold and twist your body, 3-5 times.
2. Sit quietly, focus on the Lotus Point (tip of the nose) with
eyes, 2-3 min.
3. Shake the body with held breath 2-3 times, relax.